Keep An Eye On Your Eyes

The eye area, also called the peri orbital area, is one of the most expressive areas of the face. Unfortunately it is also one of the first facial areas to show signs of aging. This is due to the skin being a lot thinner compared to other areas of the face and body.

Signs of aging around eye area / peri orbital aging

Formation of dark under-eye circles, bagginess, loss of elasticity, shadowing in the tear trough, wrinkles on the sides or your eyes (commonly also called crow’s feet)  and loss of opacity (increased translucency) of the under-eye skin are all signs of aging.

Early protection will help fight the signs of aging  to this delicate area.

Ethnic Differences in Peri Orbital Aging

Your Ethnic background could determine how you age in the peri orbital area. African Americans often report early drooping of the lateral canthal area  from the inner eyelid rims nearest to the temples.

Ethnic groups from areas such as the Middle East  and India are more prone to dark under-eye circles also called peri orbital hyperchromia .

People of Asian descent tend to develop hyper-pig­mentation as oppose to wrinkling first in comparison to ethnic groups of Caucasian descent.

Although peri orbital aging seems to differ somewhat amongst ethnic groups, the most contributing factor in all groups relates to free radical damage and  as well as individual response to these factors.

Wrinkles and Sagging

Wrinkles are actually scars and a result from repeated inflammation and oxidative damage followed by the body’s attempt to heal. Crow’s feet are often the first wrinkles to appear around the eye. Sagging tissue results in more prominent shadowing in the tear trough areas. Loss of elasticity may be addressed by the stimulation of collagen production which can decrease wrinkles and fine lines.

OoLaLa Cosmetic laser clinic stock a range of skin products to help support this sensitive area. Should the amount of damage to the skin be more prominent, we also offer a variety of treatments to stimulate collagen production and restore lost elasticity to this sensitive area. A consultation should be booked with our Cosmetic Doctor to determine the most suitable treatment for you. This includes treatments such as Co2 Laser resurfacing, Tear trough fillers, Peptide, PRP Therapy and anti wrinkle injections.

Antioxidant and Sun Protection

Free radical damage or “oxidative stress” is the primary cause of tissue damage and aging in the eye area as well as elsewhere. Clinically proven skin care products, such as crèmes and serums can be helpful if they are properly  formulated.

Sun exposure puts a lot of strain on the skin. Too much sun exposure can burn the skin and reduce the skins elasticity by destroying the protective pigment called melanin. Over time it can burn and reduce the skins elasticity and over time cause a person to age prematurely. Too much exposure to  UV rays can cause sunburn and can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Puffiness and Dark Circles

puffiness and dark circles

Puffiness and swelling are common issues in the peri orbital area. These actually are formed due to inflammation and leaking of fluid from small blood vessels into the surrounding tissue. In younger clients, puffiness and swelling usually occurs only with allergic reactions or irritation and then resolves on its own. If this reoccurs over and over it could result in chronic puffiness. Anti-inflammatory skin care ingredients are helpful.

As the skin is a lot thinner in the peri orbital area, blood vessels are closer to the surface. This makes the bluish coloration of these vessels more noticeable. Thickening of the skin under the eye would make the skin less translucent and cause the underlying vessels to be less obvious. Collagen stimulation to improve the skin thickness can be encouraged by growth factors.


Dehydration in the peri orbital area is noticeable in skin texture and unfortunately speeds up the aging process.

Act Early

The eye area may be one of the first to show the signs of aging; however, quick action can reduce and prevent signs of aging. We stock effective eye care products that have been clinically proven and result in firmer, brighter skin. It also helps with hydration, calming the area and aids in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Visit our clinic for assistance on which products are best for you, or contact us to book in a consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors.