Laser Tattoo Removal

While nobody wants to spend the rest of their life paying for an unfortunate fit of self-expression, very few people know what laser tattoo removal involves. Is it painful? Is it expensive? Should I bother?

What is the Quanta Q + C Laser?

The Quanta Q + C Laser is a ground-breaking tattoo removal device, utilising 3 laser wavelengths to delve into and erase intricately drawn tattoos – other devices stumble on green and blue inks, requiring more treatments overall. The Quanta Q + C Laser has been developed to penetrate and treat difficult colour spectrums.  Some of the newer PICO Lasers cannot effectively remove red ink. From Oo La La prospective the Nano Second Quanta Q +C Laser remains the gold standard. We also combine MT Quanta YouLaser in a dual manner with quanta Q + C. At Oo La La, in our experience, this reduces the number of treatment sessions and clinically removes all Ink colours effectively.

The Procedure

Traditional methods (nanosecond) used lasers that operated on a photothermal level, siphoning heat into the tattoo area. Quanta Q + C is more efficient, delivering a short pulse burst beyond traditional actions, creating a sustained and intensive disruption to the tattooed area. This streamlined technology means you will experience less pain. Dark tattoos and deeply embedded coloured inks do not pose a problem.

The Results

You are unique, just like your tattoo. Return sessions may be required, dependent on the size, location and age of your body art, ink type, colours and even skin tone. Treatments are generally spaced out for maximum results, expect to wait between 4-6 weeks for your next session. The Quanta Q + C Laser will reduce your overall treatment time.

What to Expect

A licenced and experienced operator will be administering your treatment at all times; Oo La La only allows the best technicians handle the tattoo removal device.  We use a cooler during the procedure to minimise discomfort. Our Cosmetic Doctor has advanced anesthetic experience to provide addition numbing procedures if necessary.

Here’s everything you need to know about tattoo removal and the Quanta Q-Plus C Laser.

Gold Coast Laser Tattoo & Hair Removal Specialists

Gold Coast Laser Tattoo & Hair Removal Specialists

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