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Treat yourself. Take some time out to reconnect with your body and listen to what it’s begging to tell you – you work too much, you’re tired, you’re sore, you need to learn to relax. Let us help you and pamper yourself with one of our deluxe facials in the process.

Relaxing & Hydrating Treatments

Enzyme Facial Treatment – 45min 

An organic enzyme treatment, tapping into the goodness of grains, removing dead skin cells and stubborn blackheads. Sensitive skin? Don’t skip out on this deep exfoliation.
Inclusions: Enzyme exfoliation, steam therapy, treatment mask and a double cleanse.

Enzyme Hydrating Facial Treatment – 60min 

A must-have facial for blackhead congested skin. Enjoy a special an infusion, accessing the lower dermal layers.
Inclusions: Double cleanser, enzymes treatment, mask, mini massage, eye and finishing creams, and steam.

Collagen Regenerative Facial Treatment – 60 min

This collagen bonanza will improve overall elasticity, iron out fine lines and wrinkles and soothe tired skin.
Inclusions: Steam therapy, enzyme exfoliation, serums, mini massage, collagen mask, creams and double cleanse.

Hydrating & Regenerating Peel Off Treatment – 60 min

Peel off masks infuse active ingredients through open pores, cutting to the heart of your concern.
Inclusions: Double Cleanse, steam therapy, Enzyme exfoliation, Treatment serum, mini facial massage Infusing Peel off mask, Eye Cream and Finishing cream

Mini Herbal Treatments

Phyto Impure (Problematic/Acne) 

Detoxifying treatment designed to address congested and acneic skins types, ideal for clearning hyperkeratinization. Suitable for modest acne.

Phyto Restore (Ageing/Dehydrated)                                                                

A firming, refreshing exfoliating treatment for the mature, sun-damaged and ageing skins among you. Incredibly stimulating.

Phyto Energiser (Sun-damaged/Aged)                                                            

Here’s a treatment packing plenty of oomph. The Energizer encourages micro-circulation to wake up tired skin and stop ageing in its tracks.

Phyto Calm                                                                                                     

If you have sensitive skin, this treatment is for you. Combat redness, inflammation and puffiness without causing further irritations.