Laser Pigmentation & Sun Damage

The Australian sun is bright, blistering and brilliant. As a nation, we love the water, we love spending days by the pool or on the sand, soaking up the rays. Some of us spend our workdays underneath the harsh conditions of an elevated UV index and most of us have forgotten to slip, slop, slap a time or two. Laser treatments for pigmentation and sun damage can reverse the blemishes.

How does Pigmentation and Sun Damage Happen?

Brown spots, sun damage, sun spots, moles – the brown marks peppering your body are caused by too much naturally produced melanin in one, concentrated area. All pigmentation problems can be traced to melanin cells – the same building blocks that decide your hair and eye colour!

Can You Treat Sun Damage and Pigmentation?

We use two Laser platforms, The Q + C Quanta Q- Switch and the Ellipse Multiplex IPL/ Laser. These lasers are used for pigmentation removal, rocacea, sun damage, freckles, sun spots, sun damage, melasma and poikiloderma. The laser platforms emit light that targets the affected area by suppressing and/or eliminating the cells that are responsible for causing the imperfections. Expect the brown spots and pigmentation to darken in colour, rising to the surface and flaking away. From beginning to end, expect a 10 day cycle.

The Results

For basic results, expect to complete 1 to 3 treatments; for consistent and long lasting results, 2 to 5 treatments are required every 30 days. Deeply damaged skin will require regular sessions for the best results. We offer Mineral makeup range for post procedure treatment.

Book A Consultation

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