Raise A Glass For Dr. Mark Jeffery!

One of the leading cosmetic physicians in the country and the man behind Oo La La Cosmetic and Laser Clinic, Dr. Mark Jeffery, will be taking on a new challenge. He has been admitted to the reputed Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA).

This is an opportunity to enhance his expertise on injectable, laser, cosmetic, skin and fat reduction treatments that are offered in his clinic. Along with his highly accredited team, he has helped clients of all ages for half a decade became more confident.

Dr. Jeffery prioritises evolving by being up-to-date with most the effective treatments and maintains that patients should voice out their concerns or ask just about anything before the procedure, so they could have the best experience as they welcome a new and improved versions of themselves.

The Importance of Being a Part of the CPCA

It was in the late 90’s that a team of doctors decided to take a closer look into cosmetic medicine. Many have become more open to having a few procedures done. Then, it became an obligation to discover new, safe and efficient techniques in cosmetic medicine. Eventually, the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia was created in 2014.

Only those who had experience and appropriate training are accepted in the CPCA. The flow of medical advancements remains steady, so it is important that all attendees have proper background to take all of those in. They would constantly receive updates, participate in discussions and be given proper training to ensure they only give the best service in their practice.

The CPCA observes a code of conduct and has communicated with health and ethics authorities to ensure that none of the regulations and guidelines would be overlooked.