Dermal Fillers

As years pass, time takes its toll on our internal collagen and elastin stores, leaving your skin increasingly fragile. Proudly plump areas may lose their bounce, cheeks slowly sag and skin wrinkles; age conquers even the healthiest dermal layers. So what can you do?

Dermal fillers may be the answer.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are an injectable (non-surgical) substance that is injected beneath the epidermal layer to achieve things like fuller lips, plump cheeks and wrinkle-free skin.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers are composed of naturally occurring sugar molecules found in your body that occupy your skin, tendons and muscles.

These sugar molecules act as a lubricant and shock absorber within the moving parts of your body. They are also needed to transport nutrients in your skin. By boosting your skin with these sugar molecules, the target area is revitalised and inflated almost immediately.

By revitalising areas suffering from collagen depletion, the appearance of lines, wrinkles and furrows is diminished which leaves behind skin with a much more natural and softer appearance.

Which Dermal Fillers Do Oo La La Use?

Oo La La offers a vast range of temporary & permanent fillers. Our Specialist Injector will advise you on which dermal filler is best, depending on the location, longevity and results you desire.

The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) prevent doctors from advertising the names of prescription medicines, which is why we cannot specifically name the brands of dermal fillers that we own on our website.

Common Treatment Areas

  • Skin creases (laugh and jaw lines)
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Frown lines, furrows and wrinkles
  • Scars (acne and chickenpox)

The Procedure

Schedule a private consultation with our cosmetic doctor. You’ll discuss your medical history, explore desired outcomes and create a treatment plan to be actioned. The doctor will mark out all treatment areas and proceed as specified.

Will Dermal Fillers Hurt?

Depending on the area, treatment can require the use of a local anaesthetic or cold packs to address the pain.

Some of the fillers already contain local anaesthetic which makes the treatment tolerable.

How Long Will It Take?

Allow 30 to 60 minutes for your treatment.

The Results

Generally, the outcome of your treatment will take up to 3 days to appear, as the area will swell directly after your appointment.

Dermal fillers are long-lasting, with cosmetic companies suggesting 8 -18 months, depending on the filler, injection area and your personal biology.

They are non-surgical and highly biocompatible – while we don’t recommend over committing straight after your treatment, feel free to return to work without worry (unless you’re employed in a physical environment).

Before & After Dermal Fillers

Lip Enhancement Before and AfterLip FillerDermal Fillers Before and After

Side Effects

Generally, side effects are temporary and restricted to the treatment area. This is covered comprehensively in your initial consultation with our Cosmetic Injector.

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