What are Skin Boosters?

Skin boosters are  a cocktail mix of specific skin nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, hyaluronic and peptides to nourish your skin. Skin boosters strengthen the extra cellular matrix (ECM) of the skin to reverse the signs of ageing. Skin boosters are an excellent choice as a non surgical treatment option which will help rejuvenate your skin and help activate & stimulate your skins metabolism.

Our Skin boosters have ingredients that help reduce free radicals, skin yellowing and hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and water loss. All the while promoting collagen production, improving the skin tone, providing nourishment and deep hydration to the skin tissue.

The result is fresher, firmer and plumper looking skin as your body starts to naturally create collagen and elastin.

How Do Skin Boosters Work & what to expect during treatment?

Skin boosters comprises of selected and targeted  small injections into the  dermis of the skin.  The injections will nourish your skin and also increase your skins cellular activity. The composition of the specific cocktail / treatment is tailor made by our Cosmetic Doctor depending on your skin concerns and can vary from  patient to patient.

Benefits can vary from patient to patient  depending on the depth  in which the solution is injected. We also recommend a series of 4 treatments  ranging from 7-10 days apart or 14 days apart  with a maintanence  every 6 months  to maximise results

Customised Treatments suited to the Patient

The treatment is suited to clients who wish to improve their skin texture, hydration levels and overall skin appearance. It can not be performed on clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Our Cosmetic Doctor will access your skin and skin tissue and tailor suit the treatment to suit your skin concerns. Every patient is different and therefore requires a different treatment protocol.

How are Skin Boosters administered?

Skin Boosters are administered either by individual injections of fine needles or the use our mesotherapy gun. Topical numbing creme is applied prior to the treatment  to minimise any discomfort.

What Results Can you expect?

Overall brighter skin appearance, tighter and plumper skin, smoothing of fine lines, better skin complexion and collagen induction are some of the benefits of this treatment.

Is There Any Downtime Or Side Effects?

We use topical numbing creme to make the treatment more comfortable for our patients if required . Whilst there is no downtime, you can expect some mild swelling and bruising to the treated areas.  Allergic reactions are fairly uncommon. You may resume your normal activities fairly soon after your treatment. We do recommend you to avoid hot saunas, direct sun and vigorous exercise for a few days after your treatment.

How long do results last?

Results last depending on the individual patient and how often you have the treatment. Results are more noticeable with repeated treatments. Each time you get  another treatment your skin improves.  Hydration and skin radiance generally lasts 3 -4 months. The collagen stimulation occurs over three to six months after each treatment. It is a slower process, but the more you do the treatments, the healthier and thicker your skin becomes, therefore improving fines lines also. New collagen in a healthy patient can last from five years, although at the same time the ageing process still  continues. Skin boosters  help to keep the skin in a time capsule. If you did it two to three times a year, you could look better in five years time than when you first started.

How often should I have Skin Boosters?

Your individual treatment protocol, which is determined by our Cosmetic Dr may vary. As a guide you can expect to start  with 3 treatments  every 2weeks  apart and then follow up treatments every 6 months.


Our Skin Booster treatments start from just $300.00 per treatment. Dr Jeffery mixes a Cocktail of vitamins tailor made to each client and their specific skins concerns and needs. This will  determine your overall treatment cost.

What are some of your skin booster types?

The new Pink anti ageing treatment is ideal for clients who wish to improve their skin tone, improve skins hydration and are also seeking ongoing skin rejuvenation and maintenance. This treatment has many powerful ingredients, such as peptides, enzymes, Vitamin B, amino acids, growth factors and Hyaluronic acid. Our special price is only $250 per treatment. Biorestoration and Biostimulation remodelling and anti ageing treatment.

The Pink treatment is a unique anti-ageing, poly-revitalizing complex that nourishes the epidermis by providing the ingredients that it needs to thrive.  It creates the optimal environment for fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.  The serum is poly-revitalising solution containing non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.  5,00 mg/ml.   It is a sterile solution for single use, formulated with 5 mg/ml of free hyaluronic acid and a poly-revitalising complex, indicated for enhancing the skin’s appearance.  This product is exclusively intended for professional use, as part of skin quality and skin replenishing protocols.



Our Skin Booster treatments start from just $300.00 per treatment. Dr Jeffery mixes a Cocktail of vitamins tailor made to each client and their specific skins concerns and needs.

He recommends starting with 4 treatments about 2 weeks apart and then follow up treatments every 6 months.

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