Rejuvenate Your Lips With Dermal Fillers

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a type of injectable dermal filler that is composed of naturally occurring substances found in your body, occupying your skin, tendons and muscles.

We have safely administered hundreds of lip injections to our Gold Coast clients with fantastic results.

What Does A Dermal Filler Contain?

Hyaluronic acid — a sugar (found naturally in the body) that adds temporary volume and definition when injected into lips.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

This injectable works to revitalise areas suffering from collagen depletion.  This instant filler is used in problem areas (think lips, cheeks & wrinkles) to smooth out deep crevices, hollows, furrows and worry lines.

Dermal fillers are non-surgical in nature and are injected beneath the epidermal layer to achieve fuller lips.

Before & After Lip Enhancements

Which Lip Fillers Do you Use?

Oo La La offers a vast range of Dermal Fillers to enhance your lips. Our Cosmetic Doctor will advise you on which dermal filler is best suited to achieve your desired outcome.

The Procedure

Your cosmetic doctor will mark out the treatment area on your lips and proceed as required.

Treatment can require the use of a local anaesthetic. Commonly we use numbing creme to make this procedure fairly painless for our clients. Allow 30 to 45 minutes for your lip enhancement treatment.

The Results

Generally, the outcome of your lip augmentation will take up to 3 days to appear. Immediate changes to the area will be masked by some swelling following your appointment.

Lip enhancers are long-lasting, with most cosmetic companies suggesting a life cycle of 6 -18 months.

The longevity of the dermal filler depends on the type of filler, the injection area and your own personal biology.

Generally, side effects are temporary and restricted to the lips themselves and/or the surrounding area and can include swelling, bruising and some redness and general soreness.

Is it safe to get Dermal Fillers or Anti Wrinkle Injectables after the Covid vaccine?

There is no official guideline that recommends avoiding  dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injections alongside your COVID-19 vaccine.

Oolala Cosmetic & Laser Clinic will not treat any clients for dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injection treatments for  mimimum 2 weeks before or after your Covid vaccine.  This is to avoid any potential  adverse reactions occurring at the time when your filler or injectable treatment  is settling in. Potential side effects  of the filler and injectable treatment or the vaccination cannot be mistaken for one another.


Our Lip fillers start from $500.00 per ml depending on the amount used by our Cosmetic Dr who will discuss your desired look before you have the treatment.

If you have needle phobia, our Cosmetic Doctor can provide sedation….

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