Vaginal rejuvenation refers to a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to tighten, repair, or otherwise improve the sexual function or appearance (or sometimes both) of the inner or outer vagina. Surgeries include vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and many others, and have gained plenty of traction as suitable options for aesthetic and physical enhancement of female genitalia.

Patients seeking vaginal rejuvenation options are often dissatisfied with the cosmetic appearance and/or sexual function of what is considered both normal or abnormal female anatomy. For many, vaginal rejuvenation procedures offer relief from symptoms that affect the normal function of the genitalia, especially after pregnancy, childbirth, and aging, and sometimes from physical trauma to the genital area or a genetic deformity. However, in most cases, vaginal enhancement procedures are performed purely for cosmetic reasons, and for improving the sensation felt during sex.

If you have considered having a vaginal rejuvenation procedure in the hopes of obtaining a better-toned, more attractive, and better functioning “designer vagina”, as they are sometimes called—you are not alone. Vaginal rejuvenation is a group of cosmetic procedures that are growing in popularity and is advancing rapidly with new technologies and techniques.  At Oolala Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, we offer non invasive Shelase treatment.


Shelase is the newest, not invasive, laser vaginal rejuvenation system to reduce vaginal atrophy and laxity.

The vagina looses thickness and vaginal tissue over time which could be caused by childbirth or simply ageing.  Over time inflammation and thinning caused by reduced estrogen levels contributes to thinning of the vaginal walls.

Shelase is a dual laser treatment that uses the mixed technology of the You Laser MT. The vaginal walls are resurfaced and tightened which can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life and also sexual satisfaction. The treatment is non invasive with minimal discomfort and no recovery time enabling the patient to immediately return to normal activities. The treatment promotes more hydration and collagen formation. The risk of post treatment bruising and risk of infection is minimal.

What are the symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy?

  • Laxity
  • Itching
  • Intercourse pain
  • Benefits in urinary incontinence

What are the causes of Vaginal Atrophy?

Fewer estrogen levels after menopause can contribute and cause Vaginal atrophy. Besides lower estrogen levels, the following factors can also contribute to Vaginal Atrophy:

  • during breast-feeding
  • after removal of ovaries (surgical menopause)
  • after chemotherapy for treatment of cancer
  • after pelvic radiation therapy for treatment of cancer
  • after hormonal therapy for treatment of breast cancer

What are the benefits of the You Laser Mt for Vaginal Atrophy?

Women that have had children or are experiencing menopause can benefit from this procedure to resurface and improve the quality of their vaginal tissues.  The treatment only lasts for about few minutes. Patients may require around 1 to 3 procedures spaced 4 weeks apart.  Shelase Laser tightens the vaginal wall, increases secretion, treats and help to reduce mild/stress urinary incontinence and increases pleasure during sexual intercourse. It is a safe treatment which may also be more effective than competitive single wavelength lasers. The risk of infections is greatly reduced due to less bleeding and crusting using the 1540nm coagulative effect.


Benefits of the You Laser MT Shelase for Vaginal rejuvenation:

Shelase  Laser Rejuvenation can be beneficial for women of all ages. For women that have gone thru the process of child birth, meaning that their vaginal tissues have been severly stretched thru child birth, the Diva Tight laser procedure will help tighten and restore these damaged tissues.

Women who are in the process of menopause showing signs of decreased estrogen levels leading to inflammation, drying  and inflammation of the vagina can also benefit from this procedure. Even younger women in their younger years can improve their vaginal health with the Diva Tight Laser:

  • reduces vaginal laxity
  • increases vaginal muscle tone
  • improves sensation
  • reduces stress urinary incontinence
  • increases vaginal lubrication


$950.00 per session. 3 sessions are recommended.

This procedure is a quick and simple process with no downtime for the patient. The treatment is performed by our highly trained female Doctor.

*Any Surgical or Invasive procedure comes with risks. Before proceeding with such procedure, you should consult or seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health professional*