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Oo La La Cosmetic Laser Clinic doesn’t believe in quick remedies, our non-invasive and invasive liposuction techniques perfectly complement a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Remember, our fat reduction services are best suited to those who have a stubborn patch or two, otherwise leading healthy lives. This treatment is not effective in the war against weight loss or obesity.

At Oo La La Cosmetic Laser Clinic we offer a tailored weight management advice program. Our Professional team and Cosmetic Doctor require consultation to ensure the right treatment plan is recommended.

Non invasive Fat Reduction Treatments

We ulitise the following systems:

  1. I-lipo
  2. Vira reaction
  3. Liposonics – Ultrasound

Minimally invasive Fat reduction Treatments

We ulitise the following systems:

  1. SAL (suction assisted Liposuction)
  2. PAL ( Power assisted liposuction)
  3. RFAL (Radiofrequency assisted liposuction) – Invasix Bodytite
  4. Vaser (Vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance)
  5. Smart Lipo

To discuss which treatment suits your individual needs, please call and book a consultation with our cosmetic Doctor and professional team.